Visiting Panasonic HQ to discuss Glavenir vacuum insulated glass

In August 2023 our team visited Panasonic in Osaka, Japan to discuss the use of Glavenir vacuum insulated glass in the Australia.

In August we were hosted for a meeting at Panasonic HQ in Osaka, Japan. The day long meeting was to discuss business strategy, efficiencies to market and new developments for the revolutionary Glavenir vacuum insulated double glazing.

Glavenir glass is only 6.1 mm thick, fits into existing wooden windows without compromise and gives at least triple glazing performance.

One of our Founders, John, who headed up the delegation, was enthusiastic about the meeting.

“Panasonic made us feel so welcome and our meeting was extremely constructive. The commitment Panasonic has to sustainability is authentic and passionate, and Glavenir is part of their solution to reduce impacts on the environment while improving both comfort and the health of building occupants”.

“Although we are a small company compared to Panasonic, it is apparent that our values around sustainability align” said John.

Image shows Team VIGA with Team Panasonic, Osaka, Japan – August 2023.

Increasing awareness about vacuum insulated glass

Part of our strategy is to increase awareness about the value of using modern 21st century glass like Glavenir. The launch of Sealasash’s new website, which focuses on the environmental, efficiency and the comfort benefits of Glavenir, has resulted in keen interest and orders are exceeding expectations.

In general we’re finding that customers seeking better glazing are not yet fully aware of the weaknesses or lack of performance shown by traditional gas filled, rubber sealed, double glazing versus Panasonic’s Glavenir vacuum glazing.

With better than triple glazing performance (U-Value 0.7) from a 6.1 mm thin section of Glavenir glass, this is unheard of in the world of traditional glass and it’s our job to spread the word.

2024 will be a defining year for Sealasash to expand our services and the availability of Glavenir.

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