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Want to learn more about vacuum insulated double glazing? Read our list of frequently asked questions below.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed m2 price as Glavenir is bespoke vacuum insulated glass made by Panasonic in Japan. It performs better than triple glazing, however, please note, it is not price comparable to traditional double glazing or single pane glass.

Our prices will include delivery to a commercial workshop or nominated port for domestic customers.

It’s advised that orders need to be around 10m2 to make them viable due to the fixed costs of packaging.

The more volume that’s ordered, the lower the m2 price becomes as the fixed costs get absorbed over a larger amount of glass. 

Heads up: a “minimum cut” fee of 0.35m2 applies. This means any panes <0.35m2 will be charged a flat fee.

Glavenir is bespoke made in Osaka, Japan.

There is around a 12 week turn around from ordering to delivery. Note that this period can vary at times. We have found delivery to be very reliable.

It is possible to air freight glass safely and this is used for warranty purposes. Speeding up an order is possible this way. Naturally extra costs will apply.

Packaging is important to protect the glass panels. Panasonic has worked with us to significantly reduce waste and packaging costs. Packaging is purpose made from cardboard.

Not yet, but by mid 2024 we anticipate 6.1mm toughened Glavenir will be available. Testing to standards is being conducted before its release to the Australian market.

If you can’t wait for the release of toughened Glavenir there is an option. You or your installer arrange a clear safety film to be installed on both sides of the available 6.1 mm annealed Glavenir. An approved installer can apply safety film to meet relevant Australian standards.

Not at this stage and it may be a while away. This technology is developing.

Yes. A 6.1 mm annealed super clear version of Glavenir is available.

Up close the pillars are visible. Looking through the glass, which is what we do when we view a window, the pillars are not evident. Clear pillar technology is being developed but is not available yet.

Please click here to learn more about the pillars.

There is no rubber edge seal and that is one of the reasons vacuum insulated glass will outlast conventional double glazing. Some estimates are up to 50 years life.

Like all glass it needs to be cleaned with non abrasive materials and “clear” cleaning fluids are best.

Acids/alkalis and chemicals should be avoided and no metallic objects or sharp tools/abrasive paper should be contacted with the glass.

As with all windows and glass the paint/seals/putty should be checked for damage and attended to where necessary.

Go to our installer page here to see if an installer is listed in your area that could assist you.

Or you may have an alternative glass installer (glazier) or new window supplier in mind. Make contact with them and have them contact VIGA.

Heads up: because Glavenir is new to the market, many people in the glass/window industry have not heard about it. That should not put you off. This is why we are linking up businesses on our installer page who understand and want to be involved.

If you are replacing glass it’s best your glazier measures the sizes because they understand tolerances that fit.

For new windows a window manufacturer will manage this.

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